A lot of our painful and unpleasant experiences are stored in our body and in the subconsciousness. They are not solved or gone, they are just there, still influencing our behavior, thinking, our choices and patterns. often, they are the reason for our unhappiness and suffering.



These Rebirthing days support you to identify and to release the old, unwanted, limiting, 

to open up for healing and light and also new experiences.


Expect two intense meditation days, a loyal gong, as a constant companion to your healing, a dear community supporting your process, delicious food, that strengthens you on all levels and a surrounding that is simply pure and inmost the nature and woods.


The days are permitted by the local authorities, all hygienic rules will be followed.


Dates: Friday, 24.7. (arrival during afternoon)- Sunday, 26.7.2020

Venue: Hofolpe, Kampstraße 13, 57399 Kirchhundem

Investment: 180€ (inclusive vegetarian food and accommodation - please bring your tent!!)

Teacher: Michael Steinbach und Andrea Wahl

Information and registration: