Kundalini Medicine - 


Kundalini Medicine integrates the expanded consciousness of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation with the empirically proven systems of holistic medicine. Its a great tool for everybody and easy to apply even without any experience in Yoga or advanced physical flexibility.

Basically we work with relaxation, breathing techniques and meditation.


Our courses are offered to companies, groups and one-to-one and they are about:


  • Stress/Burnout: Learning different reaction on Stress 
  • Anxiety/Panic: Breathing techniques to sooth and calm down
  • Depression: When life gets dark and hopeless
  • Life Transitions: Crossroads and decisions
  • Communication: How to say, what you want to say
  • Teambuilding: Yes, we can- can we?
  • Energy-Management: Learning to relax

Please contact us to discuss your special course.