Experience yourself now!


Every year several students join us with little awareness of their intention to teach but with a genuine motivation to deepen their understanding of the process that Kundalini Yoga has sparked within them. 

The experience of a Kundalini Yoga class or practice touches the soul or spirit and engenders a deep yearning for something missing in our modern lives; although we treat all our course participants as prospective yoga instructors we are aware that ever more of our students are using this course to facilitate a necessary transformation in their lives - rather as the cocoon facilitates the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly.


Real knowledge comes through experience and makes us aware that we are more than how we usually perceive ourselves to be. Through the practise of Kundalini Yoga we calm the mind, sharpen its functions and gain discernment to recognise the real, to hear the inner word,
to follow the impulses of the heart and the path of truth, to become who we truely are.




As we are internationally conducting, the teaching language will mainly be in german, when englisch speaking teachers come in, translation can be provided.