The teaching team:



Guru Dharam and Darryl O'Keeffe founded the International School of Kundalini Yoga in the UK in 1996 teaching people to become yoga teachers. They lead trainings in Sweden, UK, Ireland, Israel, New York, Malaysia, Spain, Mexico, USA, Netherlands and Germany.

Guru Dharam and Darryl have an international Healing and Yoga practice, and have been teaching Kundalini Yoga for over 30 years.

Andrea Bhavdeep 

Andrea has been practicing yoga since 2004. Trained as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher with  i-SKY in the UK. Together with her teachers Guru Dharam Singh and Darryl O'Keeffe, she started SKY- Cologne.

She is a qualified Associate Teacher Trainer for Level 1, spreading her love for music, manta and the teaching in her unique humorous and down to earth way.



Michael Nam Hari Singh

Michael is Teacher Trainer Level 1 in Cologne, educated in Reiki, Gong, he is a devoted musician and body therapist.

His wide range of experiences and studies in various spiritual techniques enriches his teachings also his deep calmness and humility.