This summer festival should be a festival from us, for us and yoga-enthusiastic or yoga-curious visitors! We provide the place and are confident that you great sangat souls will give the whole festival its magic and mysticism! We look forward to your contributions ( kriya, meditation, music, workshop, food donation buffet, set up and take down)! Together we will give this festival its enchanting character! 

We have 3 connected gardens available ( 2 gardens for workshops and 1 garden for chilling and camping ! So it is also possible to stay overnight! :)



Festival day with sadhana, kundalini yoga, breathing workshops, gong, Sat Nam Rasayan, mantra concert, shamanic 🔥 fire ritual, sharing etc. 


Everyone is welcome! No previous experience necessary.

Cost: donation basis

Time: 7:00 am - 10:00 pm incl. breaks. 




09:30 AM:

Meditation day with Andrea and Michael


A powerful Kundalini Yoga set will be followed by an intensive Kundalini meditation practice.

Cost: donation basis

Time: 09:30- 13:00 incl. break

Arrival from 9:00 a.m. 


Address: Burgstraße 65, 51103 Cologne - use garden bell! 

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Tantric Meditation with Guru Dharam
A day of renewal
Tantra is the most direct way into the depths of our psyche. Through sound, rhythm, tratak and mudra we can dissolve inner contradictions, lift psychic shadows and create space for light and healing.
This tantra day supports us to heal deep-seated limiting patterns, fears and doubts. Tantra works back into the past, into the present and also into the future, creating space for joy, light and blessings.
A short Kundalini Yoga set is followed by the central Kundalini Tantra meditation practice, usually done in pairs.
Everyone is welcome! No previous experience necessary.
Cost: 40€ 
Time: 9.00-17.00 (6 hours in total + break)
Location: Huerth (near Cologne, Germany)
Questions and registration


Satnam, dear Yogis around the world,
this year left us realizing how important community is, mutual support and a positive global field.
So we decided to open our traditional new year’s meditation to all of you who would like to join.
Time: 31.12.2020, 23.15 (Berlin Time), CET)- 1.1.2021, 00.30
Where: At your home on your mat
Join Zoom-Meeting :
We will practice two long meditations, which support us to neutralize Saturn's pressure and grip and will help us to project our path from the heart.
Please register:
Please feel free to share the invitation to your students and friends.
Looking forward to manifest the future with you



A lot of our painful and unpleasant experiences are stored in our body and in the subconsciousness. They are not solved or gone, they are just there, still influencing our behavior, thinking, our choices and patterns. often, they are the reason for our unhappiness and suffering.



These Rebirthing days support you to identify and to release the old, unwanted, limiting, 

to open up for healing and light and also new experiences.


Expect two intense meditation days, a loyal gong, as a constant companion to your healing and a dear community supporting your process,


The days are permitted by the local authorities, all hygienic rules will be followed.



Dates: Saturday, 10.10. 2020 -Sunday 11.10.2020

Venue: Aikido Dojo, Neusser Strasse 26. 50733 Köln

Investment: 108 € i

Teacher: Michael Steinbach und Andrea Wahl

Information and registration: