Conscious communication


,Over the course of six wonderful days, this module will guide you through meditation, kriya, group work and seva into a deep experience of conscious communication. You will learn how to speak meditatively and intuitively; how to listen, not just hear; how to create dialogue that can build and nurture relationships. You will recognize your own pitfalls in your communication. You will learn how to communicate from your own highest consciousness as a teacher in the future. When we communicate consciously, we align mind and spirit to uplift ourselves and those around us. The idea is that we create a common denominator so that we can connect with others even when we disagree. We learn that our presence alone communicates, even when no words are spoken at all. In this course you will receive and develop the tools to transform yourself and your communication so that you can be kind, authentic, conscious and successful.


dates. 2.-8.1.2023

Location: Haus Abraham, Wellental, Germany

Investment: 1150€ (including accommodation, food and all teachings)

Teacher: Michael Steinbach, Guru Dharam Singh, Andrea Wahl





Lifestyle and Lifecycle - Kundalini Yoga Level 2

We will dive deep into our own history, our lives and rewrite it with transforming meditation and yoga sets reflections and inner healing.


We learn to

- recognize the biorhythms of life and understand how the cycles affects us constantly

- recognize our habits and looking info our approach to change them into more promoting ones

- death and dying - what is our relationship to death?

- rebirth - in this lifetime, how can we be reborn again and again, with a healthy and supporting relationship to our pasts?

- growing up, maturing, aging- with grace, joy and purpose


Who can join?


Dates: 08.-14.April 2022
Teacher. Guru Dharam, Andrea, Michael
Venue: Haus Jonathan, Pfalzerhof 1, 56812 Valwig


Investment: tba

The course is internationally recognized and certified by KRI.



Due to Corona restrictions, we may need to assimilate to the current conditions.