Go, Grow, Glow

Our training starts in fall 2017 and spans over 12 non-residential held weekends until summer 2018, plus one after the course, providing supervision and the chance to reconnect.


You will be lead through a process of 

  • deep insight into the science of Yoga
  • Regular practise and participation in the morning yogic routine
  • individual and group dynamics
  • Experience of Meditations and yogasets
  • teaching practicum


Learn how you to meet the challenges of life and still be you. Unwrap your gifts and talents.




New dates are coming sono! Please contact info@i-sky.de  in case of questions.







We start our weekends on the fridays, 17.30 and close on the sundays 17.30.

The first weekend is open for everybody even if you don't take into consideration to do the whole course.It is a fantastic opportunity to learn about us, the teachers, the technique and the training.

In general the training can be done within a two years cycle.


Please contact us for questions about costs and payment by instalment,