Lifestyle and Lifecycle - Kundalini Yoga Level 2

We will dive deep into our own history, our lives and rewrite it with transforming meditation and yoga sets reflections and inner healing.


We learn to

- recognize the biorhythms of life and understand how the cycles affects us constantly

- recognize our habits and looking info our approach to change them into more promoting ones

- death and dying - what is our relationship to death?

- rebirth - in this lifetime, how can we be reborn again and again, with a healthy and supporting relationship to our pasts?

- growing up, maturing, aging- with grace, joy and purpose


Who can join?


Dates: 08.-14.April 2022
Teacher. Guru Dharam, Andrea, Michael
Venue: Haus Jonathan, Pfalzerhof 1, 56812 Valwig


Investment: tba

The course is internationally recognized and certified by KRI.



Due to Corona restrictions, we may need to assimilate to the current conditions.