Mind and Meditation - Kundalini Yoga Level 2
Often we wish, we could stop our minds, quieten it or just change the direction of what we think to more positive, more constructive, less limiting. The mind is a powerful thing, which was given as a tool, serving us rather than dominating or overwhelming us.
In this course, called „Transformation“, we will dive deep into our own history, patterns and habits, belief systems and self sabotaging in order to grow and release these mental pitfalls.
We will learn about the dynamics, the structure, the function and the quality of the mind. We will deepen our own meditation practice and get a clear picture of how our own individual mind works.
We will enhance our neutral minds, become still and truly intuitive, activate peace within and listening to the inner and outer world, accessing the inner and outer world gracefully and courageously.

Daten: 4.-10. November 2019
Lehrer. Guru Dharam und Benjahmin
Ort: Snowviewlodge, Medenbach 10, Büllingen, Belgien (100km von Köln)

Investment: early bird: 1000€, later bird 1150€ (enthalten sind alle Unterrichtskosten, Manual, Unterbringung und Verpflegung)

The course is internationally recognized and certified by KRI.

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