Kundalini Yoga Therapy Supervision &
Continuing Professional Development

“ you must understand, when you are blocked...  go up and look at it down” 
 (Yogi Bhajan) 

As healers, clinicians, therapists and doctors we face a lot of troubles, problems and suffering everyday. We have learnt and trained to deal with it and to develop a strong care of our own health - mental, emotional and physical. We do this for example by attending supervision.
Supervision is nothing brand-new, so what do we offer you here?
Lets call it supervision with a spiritual background, that makes us understand a bigger picture and brings us into a different attitude towards us, our surrounding and life. This is not about religion, its about expanding awareness and using the tools of meditation in order to connect us to a more spiritual approach.
Our supervision 
  • is integrative and holistic bringing mind, body, and soul into the supervisory process
  • uses Kundalini Yoga Teachings and Philosophy and the theoretical material covered in the Kundalini Medicine 
  • will build upon the skills participants already have from their therapeutic work and provides an opportunity to revisit, refresh, reintegrate and review  therapeutic relationships, ethical principles, by working in and through a kundalini yogic group process. This is an essential ongoing, dynamic and evolutionary journey
  • is both structured and fluid allowing for practice issues to arise in a safe  healing space created and maintained by the group around the theme of the session

Curriculum Pentagram:

The healing space of shuniya (deep listening):
Healing as seva: selfless service, selfless action and deep listening; refining the ego to service the soul

The Phoenix Resurrection:  
Prana (energy) management: Self care for healers; from the embers of burnout 

Traversing the Energetic Gateways:
Supporting and maintaining the calibre, character & integrity of the healer

Recognise the client is you:
The integrative aspect of supervision ( going up and looking down ) ; if you cannot see yourself in your client you cannot see your client at all; working on your karma

Being the light house:
Keeping your projection light and radiant; promoting the hope of wahe guru 

One course is designed for 2 days, two can be taught in pairs.

Gerrilyn Smith (England), Andrea Wahl (Germany)

Please contact us for further information.

Gerrilyn Smith (England), Andrea Wahl (Germany)

Please contact us for further information.